Writer’s block still has me in its grip, as you might have been able to tell by the lack of a post on Thursday.  Here are the things that have been rattling around for a while that I’d like to write about but haven’t been able to find the words:

  • The Miami Dolphins locker room and the husbands of my friends and the dissonance around what we consider to be manhood and how we celebrate and reward it
  • The time my mom and I got lost and ended up walking for two rainy hours on a Taiwanese mountain where nobody spoke English, and the sole of my boot cracked
  • The time in Taiwan when the concierge wrote in Chinese that my mom couldn’t eat meat and she ended up with seafood noodle soup in a pork broth anyway
  • The strange loneliness that having the wrong person in your life causes
  • The way that flights these days act like dominoes when one small thing goes wrong
  • The confusion I feel and consequent frustration with their teachers when I tutor kids who are doing math that they’re not equipped to do

I’m stranded at an airport, which you would think would give me lots of time to work out my writer’s block issue, but that’s not how writer’s block works for me.  I know some people advocate writing something, anything, every day, and that’s the way to get over the block; I find this makes the block linger longer.  The malaise is making me mad and scaring me some.  I haven’t figured out how to thump myself out of it.

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