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When Being Type A Pays Off

Have you heard of Strengthsfinder?  It’s a personality test that claims to be able to identify what your natural strengths are.  The idea is that we should all be learning to maximize our strengths instead of working on our weaknesses, … Continue reading

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Great Game

I learned a hilarious game today at the blog of one of my favorite authors, Jennifer Crusie, who learned it from a librarian who posted in the forums at  The game is to guess the iconic movie or book … Continue reading

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One of the engagements I’ve taken on in my work is to deliver two-day workshops on leadership and communication skills to a group of folks who have traditionally not been required to have or use them.  It’s an interesting exercise … Continue reading

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Lessons from Cleon

Ugh.  Because I am crazy and the things that I need to get out of my head and onto virtual paper could cause safety issues, this week on the blog will be a very light update week.  Like, just a … Continue reading

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Brushes with Death

I’ve had two near-misses in my life.  I suspect that we all have more brushes with death than we know.  What makes these two stand out for me is that it took telling other people what happened and seeing the … Continue reading

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Packing Confessions

I’ve bragged about being able to pack ten days of clothing into a single carry-on bag.  So it’s only fair that I confess what happened on a recent trip to Austin.  I prefer to fly to Houston and Austin.  I … Continue reading

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