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TurkeyCakeFest V

It’s the coldest it’s been since winter started, and I am FORCING myself to write this.  Must create momentum, must power through. Back in late 2010, Chowhound posted a recipe for its TurkeyCake, a creation of turkey meatloaf, mashed potatoes, … Continue reading

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Braises and Marmalades

Food post!  It got cold again, and so writing feels like running through molasses, but I will soldier on so as to create some momentum.  Or something. Anyway, cold weather is not great for writing, but it is the greatest for … Continue reading

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Matchmaker Travails

When the weather turns cold, I can’t write.  I’ve stopped fighting it.  There are so many experts on writing who say that if you don’t write every day, you’re not a writer.  I’ve decided they can f* right off, because … Continue reading

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