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It’s official – I’m harvesting my eggs.  I’ve been through consultations with three different doctors, had blood drawn three times (traumatic), and had a mammogram.  It’s on like Donkey Kong, as the Manning brothers might say. I’m 40.  I’ve been … Continue reading

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TurkeyCakeFest 2013

TurkeyCakeFest 2013 happened in March.  It’s a tradition that started in 2011.  People complain that social media gives a false sense of intimacy to friendships, that you can’t possibly have more than 150 real friends.  Maybe that’s true, but TurkeyCakeFest … Continue reading

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About me

Writing about myself makes me squirm. I have enough dishes, flatware, serveware, and teacups to throw a dinner party or afternoon tea for anywhere from four to twelve people.  I pay rent for all of these items to live in … Continue reading

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