A Short Play About Ruined Birthdays

[CC and SK are having a long brunch at their favorite restaurant on CC’s birthday.]

CC:  Earlier last year, I sat at that seat at the bar right by the wall and had brunch and read books all morning.  I ordered one bloody Mary and went back to the hotel drunk because the bartender kept giving me tastes of different drinks he was making.

SK:  That’s awesome!

CC:  Bartenders really like me.

SK:  It’s because you’re nice.

CC:  Weeellll… not really.  I’m pretty mean, just not out loud.

SK:  You’re NICE.  You’re super friendly, and you ask really thoughtful questions.

CC:  [Doubtful face]

SK:  I don’t want to ruin your birthday, but you seem to think you have this icy edge, and you just don’t.

CC:  [Horrified and laughing] You have totally ruined my birthday and also given me “A Short Play About Ruined Birthdays.”

SK:  [Horrified and laughing] You can’t call it that!

CC:  It’s the best part!

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