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[I wrote this for my writing class at SMU a few years ago, so this isn’t new content.  It’s also not my usual kind of blog post:  it’s thinly veiled fiction, and it’s very long.  We’ll be back to our … Continue reading

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Things I Learned When My Dad Wrecked My Car

My dad wrecked my car last July.  He and my mom took it to dinner so I could pick up my sister at the airport in their SUV.  They got home about five minutes before we did.  After my sister … Continue reading

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Bartender Trouble

I have a bartender problem.  I only noticed it in the past year, but I figured out it’s been going on since I was 19. What I mean by bartender problem is that I seem to be wired to develop … Continue reading

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Confessions: I Love Nespresso

[I wrote a version of this almost five years ago on a different blog.  I’m cribbing from that entry and adding a little extra, because, really, nobody likes a rerun.] I played hookie one day last week to go see … Continue reading

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When you’re a child, everyone talks about how hard it is to be an adult.  Of course, children never believe this, because it seems like adults get to do whatever they want, plus they have children around to act as … Continue reading

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Love Child

I was 34 years old when I found out that I’m illegitimate, and I found out at an airport at the end of a harried business trip. I was powering through the airport, with my computer bag on my shoulder … Continue reading

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Steaks, Cigars, and Soul Mates

When I was in law school, my friends and I went out every Thursday.  The school trained us to do this by providing a school-sponsored keg party every other Thursday on campus called “Arbitration.”  After Arbitration, we’d go looking for … Continue reading

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Youth Circuses, Bat Mitzvahs, and Doing What You Love

Every year for the past few years, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to visit as many far away friends as possible.  The airlines are usually cooperative with affordable fares at least a couple of times a year to … Continue reading

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