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Jessica Fletcher, Badass

I love watching television.  I try not to do too much of it because my taste in TV tends to fall into the lowest common denominator category rather than the subversive, intelligent category (think NCIS and Grey’s Anatomy rather than … Continue reading

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Throwing Stones

I read this article on a couple of weeks ago:  “Twin baby girls rescued as China maternity hospital trafficking probe continues.”  Apparently, there’s at least one obstetrician at this hospital who has lied to new parents for years that … Continue reading

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More Online Dating Tales

My executive coach and I looked up what Native Americans consider significant about a bobcat appearing in your life.  Among other things, bobcats teach lessons about being alone but not lonely.  I’ve also had some grackles show up in the … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Universe: Picky Eating

I’ve turned into a voluntary picky eater.  (You might think that all picky eaters are voluntary, but you’d be wrong.  My friend wrote a whole book about it.  The upshot is that picky eaters should be pitied and not disdained … Continue reading

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Cold Brew Coffee: Kitchen Torture

I cheated on my Nespresso machine earlier this week.  Oh, I know that it doesn’t care, because it’s an inanimate object.  Also, it’s only been here for a few weeks, so it hasn’t had time to get as attached to … Continue reading

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With Facebook Friends Like These…

Uploading photos of a bobcat snoozing three feet away from you to Facebook is an interesting Rorschach test for your friends.  Reactions among my friends (on FB, in person, and on the phone) fell into four categories: Sympathetic and Appropriately … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Serial Killer (of rabbits)

I am not an outdoor child.  I never have been.  As a little girl, my preference was to go to the public library, not to play outside. I’m not an animal lover.  I like them ok, and I love certain … Continue reading

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WRITER’S BLOCK, Pan Sauce, and Pool Thoughts

Well, y’all.  It’s happened.  The truth is I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner.  I have writer’s block.  I have been racking my brain since Monday, trying to figure out what to post today, and obviously, I didn’t come up with … Continue reading

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Travel Tips: rules of the road

Over the course of this summer, I have driven a lot.  I’m not referring only to the usual driving around we all have to do to get to work or meetings or to run our errands.  I’m talking about additional … Continue reading

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An Online Dating Tale

I’ve been doing online dating on and off for several years now.  Here is an exchange that highlights one of the reasons that the off times are so much longer and more frequent than the on times.  It’s from OK … Continue reading

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