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More Lazy Foodie Contradiction “Recipes”

In my last post, I promised “recipes” for chili, nachos, Sazeracs, and toddies.  I realize that there are thousands of recipes for each of these things (except maybe the nachos), all with precise, measured amounts.  And I love trying new … Continue reading

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Lazy Foodie Contradiction “Recipes”

I realized on my drive home from dinner last night that I lead a life of contradictions.  For instance, I’ve mentioned before that I’m happy to chop 20 different vegetables into quarter-inch dice for minestrone, but I refuse to mix … Continue reading

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TwtV: Toronto: Food, Cocktails, and Wine

Loraine and I went to Toronto this past weekend to visit our friend, Marco, whom we met and got to know in Italy when he got recruited to spend ten hours on a Friday driving us to far-apart wineries in … Continue reading

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Charlotte Cooper’s Galt Cave

When I finally get fed up with the misogyny and misandry and general divisiveness that’s taking over the world, and every day, that moment creeps ever closer, I’m going to build my own version of Galt’s Gulch (I call it … Continue reading

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Rewiring Marshmallow Chickens

When I first started working with my miraculous, executive coach, one of the exercises she made me do was to think about what my dream job would be like and catalog every detail.  The idea is that you can’t do … Continue reading

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Cold Brew Coffee: Compromise

So, cold brew coffee.  As I reported a couple of months ago, it is a gigantic pain in the ass to make.  Despite following the same steps every time I make it, each batch varies in strength and flavor.  But, … Continue reading

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Gluttony: Sinful and (Almost) Sinless Versions

I eat out more than I should, especially for someone with not enough willpower when it comes to eating things that she shouldn’t.  Given how much I travel, I can’t avoid eating out, and there’s a limit to the number … Continue reading

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Travels with the Viking: Buenos Aires

[My writing teacher advised me to try to sell this piece to a magazine, but I can’t find the right one, and the freshness is fading.  Also, my horrible cold has drained all the energy and creativity out of me, … Continue reading

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