A Short Play About How the Mighty Have Fallen

[2010. CC has moved into her parents’s house, living with them until the details of her dad’s overseas gig are finalized. Summer hits in Texas.]

CC: No wonder it’s so hot! The thermostat is set to 83! I can’t sleep in this!

Mom: What temperature did you use in Houston?

CC: 77!

Dad: I didn’t know you were that rich.

Mom: We can compromise at 80, and Dad and I will wear fleece until you get stronger about the heat.


Mom, via text: What is 25C in F? Our AC went out today, and the security guy says it’s back on, but it feels really hot. The thermometer says 25.

CC, via text: Mom. That’s 77. You say you’re cold at home when it’s 80 in the house.

Mom, via text: I don’t know what to tell you. I feel hot.

[Dad has come to Dallas for a visit, and he and CC arrive home from the airport. CC set the thermostat to 85 before she left the house.]

Dad: Holy cow, why is the house so hot?

CC: I raised the temperature before I left. Change it if it’s too hot.

[Two hours later, CC is putting clean sheets on Dad’s bed and notices the room is refreshingly cool.]

CC, to herself: 76??? I WIN.

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