It’s pretty obvious I’ve been taking one anyway, but I thought I’d make it official — I’m taking a break until February.  I have so many stories to tell, but the pressure of getting them out is knotting them up, which is having the frustrating effect of making it HARDER to get them out.  (Seriously — I typed, “My mom came with me to Taipei on a business trip.  We had fun.” and then stared at the page for 3 hours.)  I’ve also been spending too much time in my head, which has also been making it harder to write.  I know — who would have guessed?  It turns out moderation really is the key to everything.

I’m going to keep writing, but I think taking the pressure of publishing off for a little bit will help recharge my creative juices and help the stories come out intact.  Please come back in February, when I’ll share adventures from Taipei, Memphis, and Louisville.  Thanks for your patience.

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