Charlotte Cooper’s Galt Cave

When I finally get fed up with the misogyny and misandry and general divisiveness that’s taking over the world, and every day, that moment creeps ever closer, I’m going to build my own version of Galt’s Gulch (I call it the Galt Cave) and spirit away all the smart women so they can think and create without having to worry about the Man keeping them down.  Here’s my to-do list to make this happen.  If you have additional suggestions, please let me know in the comments:

  • Find a location.  We want something unassuming and quiet.  In the event that someone stumbles upon it, we don’t want them to think anything is amiss.  Also, it would be great if there were natural features in case we need to defend against military aggression.  Yes, I’m anticipating military aggression – are you aware of history?
  • Identify women who can build the infrastructure we’ll need to stay in contact with each other and have access to information but also stay off the NSA’s grid.  I think this means we’re going to have to find senior women at the NSA who think what their agency is overreaching bullshit.  We’ll need their advice on how best to build the roads, generate electricity, install plumbing, and connect to the internet, all without being detected.
  • Identify low-profile, highly intelligent, frustrated women to invite to the Cave.  We don’t want Sheryl Sandberg or Marissa Mayer – too many people will notice when they disappear.  At the beginning, secrecy will be of the essence.  I think this means we’re going to have to start with the unmarried ladies.  Husbands tend to get kind of suspicious when wives disappear.  We’ll need to identify women in all disciplines.  We should probably start with a Google search for single women with a reputation for being difficult to work with, bitchy, mouthy, scary, and/or demanding.  (Note to self – build HR networks; HR will have access to performance reviews that will help identify these women.)
  • Identify highly intelligent girls who are being underserved by their schools.  Approach their parents with our version of boarding school.  This will be tricky – for security purposes, we won’t be able to tell the parents exactly where their girls are.  I don’t see any parents being happy about this.  Maybe we should start with girls who are wards of the state.  Based on the tv shows out there, it seems like it’s pretty easy for the system to lose track of you if you are a ward of the state.
  • Analyze what we can build ourselves, and what we have to buy.  Create fake identities and set them up with financial credentials.  We’ll need multiple addresses to which we can ship things, but not too many things, so nobody puts two and two together to track a delivery to us.
  • We’re going to have to persuade all the high-ranking women in the military to join us and to bring some equipment, too, like helicopters and tanks, so we can defend ourselves when history repeats.
  • Once established and self-sustaining, start incorporating smart men who don’t think that women are somehow less than men.
  • We’re going to need bylaws, incentives, and punishment.
  • No knee-jerk wingnuts from the left or the right.

What have I forgotten?

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2 Responses to Charlotte Cooper’s Galt Cave

  1. AZ says:

    All I know is, if I qualified for an invitation, I’m not going without Mark. So you’ll have to put me on the list for the later wave of residents. Also: make sure you get lots of chefs and food-related artisans, please!

  2. Julie says:

    Might I suggest the location be in an area known for it’s ability to support agriculture (read: grapes for wine)?

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